Three Steps to SharePoint Success

10 10 2011

I’ve been working with SharePoint since 2004 and think it’s one of the most flexible, user-friendly collaboration platforms around. SharePoint users I talk to seem to either love it or hate it—rarely is there middle ground.

As organizations consider what internal collaboration looks like for them in the future, I think there are three things to consider:
1) Strategy – You need to know exactly what you want to do with the tool
2) Adoption – If you want your employees to use a new tool, communicate the value
3) Education – Teach your employees how to use the tool

Join me Oct. 13 for an Innovation in Motion Meet-up, as we discuss the future of internal collaboration tools. This Meet-up is available through a live web stream for anyone who can’t make it in person.


I get things done.

27 08 2011

• Projects that come in on or under budget
• Integrated marketing campaigns that generate results at little to no cost
• Operational efficiencies that save you money and make you succeed

I bring ideas to life.
Some people are good at coming up with concepts. I flush out the details, strengthen the ideas, and take them to 100%. I revel in the specifics and high-level execution.

I generate low-cost results.
I have worked with companies of all sizes but a common theme has always been limited budgets. A lot of people are surprised that was the case at Microsoft, where I generated demand for digital media at no cost. I come up with creative solutions to get things done at any budget.